Sunday, July 08, 2012

Now that i got myself a laptop like finally, i hope i will blog more.
Korean class was fun the other day. The teacher brought makoli and plum wine. And as all of you know, i cant drink. Or rather, i turn red once i drink. So i took a sip of the most coveted plum wine and viooolaa...turned red in class. jin jialat
Cant wait for the korea trip in Septemeber.
I need to stop spending $$$. So weak when it comes to clothes.

Weekends are always so short and so fleeting. Eat, sleep and eat.
Well but i am feel like dreadful towards monday.
This nightmare should end soon i guess. Not worth the effort or tears.
I just try to think simpler and hope lesser these days so i stay happy.:)
have a great week ahead all!

Saturday, June 09, 2012

why should i let others determine my worth?
Not gonna let these people who dont know better get me down:)

Friday, May 25, 2012

I need to eat. Not trying to be funny but i think i need to eat and i really hate to lose weight. I know some of you are like rolling your eyes. But i think i already look haggard. So if i lose more weight, i am gonna look like tecko zombie. Dont have time for breakfast. Lunch sux and barely ate the rice i bought today > It's true- you cant eat and work at the same time.
Monday is gg to be horrible. I can sense it coming already
김탁구 처럼 살거야..
김탁구is this cute guy in this korean show ( bread master). He is like a simple and nice guy.
Anyhow, happy weekend all ( sadly, sunday is going back work)
Still, happy weekend all. haha

Thursday, May 24, 2012

그 사람 날 웃게 한 사람

One of those days i decide to take half a day off to go for facial and cut hair. At prolly one of the lowest point of life. Haiz. never felt this bad and disheartened.Well, lets not take about the bad. Anyhow, managed to dig some photos to post. Dont take much photos these days. Looking haggard anyway. Well, at least i started korean classes again. Something to look forward to. Prolly shall go sell bowls in Dongdaemun soon.  
 Someone sent me this. Thought was quite cute.
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Saturday, March 03, 2012

Dog story

Adopt a dog today!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

*blow dust* i think this blog is dying at my hand.. Barely have time to do much. heh. Weekends are busy in a different way
I couldnt help but feel i haved aged CONSIDERABLY since i joined PE.
This photo was taken when we just got together i guess. Hasnt been too long ago but i think i looked much older now. SIGH..maybe i need to go for botox soon eh. or a complete makeover? lol

The wolf pig is going for reservist soon. March is gonna be terrible cos i will be covering the whole of Aromatics? Eh..wish me luck... seriously..
Saw on FB that a old friend is studying in korea for 2 yrs..*envious*.. its one of those things i wished i could do but dont have a chance to..unless i quit my job. boo*
haiz, life accelerates when you are in your twenties man..
So where do we go from here?
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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Happy CNY 2012

Long time since i blogged? well, i haven been taking photos these days, hence there isnt much photos to plaster here.
life is well. normal.[ to be honest, my life is boring. i spend most of my time working or reading korean. ok and shopping-can't do without this]
Happy CNY all:)
never a fan of visiting but these days, i kinda value the yearly visiting. And its a blessing to be doing yearly visiting. Many thing changes within a year.
Anyhow, I especially like the days before CNY where everyone goes into a shopping frenzy. And like what mum says " whats CNY without the crowd and the shopping?" [hence, the feeble attempt to justify my dwindling bank account.]
This year's CNY is kinda short but nevertheless, have a good one all!

Monday, December 26, 2011

그저 한번씩 나 이렇게 남모르게 울면되요

Being on leave is a good feeling.
Been a while since i felt this slack.

Bought 2 korean books today but doubt they will reach me in time. Korean classes will only start in may i am a lil disappointed. I miss korean. LOL
Anyhow, what i need to do over the next week or so is either chain myself or hide my credit cards.
The damage done had been tooo great.

December is nearing an end. Somehow, this hasnt been a good month. It's tough, putting on a smile in front of people sometimes when you are feeling down. Well, looking back, 2011 hasnt been the easiest of years. Perhaps its all karma cos i have not been too nice a girl either. No such thing as new year resolutions for me. I cannot fathom what lies ahead and i cant be bothered to.

Time to catch up on my korean drama. esp 남길 오빠!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Lea Michele - Auld Lang Syne - New Year's Eve

watched this movie recently. the drama aside, it was a pretty nice and simple movie. the cliche song aside, i really love this singer's voice. i actually teared watching this scene.. well it's the festive season. And i am on leave till next year... so no complaints:) these days, i need to find joy in the simplest thing and learn to let go.

Merry Xmas and Happy New year all..

Friday, December 16, 2011

i used to love december. cos it's my bday and it'ss near Christmas.
but somehow this year, december just does'nt seem right
too much on my mind. stuff to worry about. so tired actually. and feeling so low about stuff. (all my blog posts recently like so emo hur?)
miss reading korean.
miss going to town to shop.
maybe i shall just do that tomorrow
and not think of anything else

Friday, December 02, 2011

on partings

with some many partings in life sometimes i think i am colder these days. but then again, i have always being pretty morbid and weird. haha
but sometimes u really wonder, who stays and who goes. perhaps now is all that matters.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

having lost one's ideals, illusions, or false ideas about someone or something; disenchanted

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

mid 20s crisis

well i guess i just gotta appreciate every little thing good in life right now

Monday, November 14, 2011


hello kaya!

Photos from wedding.
I am suddenly motivated to work hard! yay!
i dont mean towards wedding. i mean work as in
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Friday, November 04, 2011

Phuket with love

Finally had the time and dilligence to upload some pics. the Goh, no wait the TAN, this one for you. our favourite noodle.. taste like the one we found in krabi...found it in phuket town along with the pork noodles..OMG miss it already

so many bowls. but so satisfying. no, no stomach upset. i tink i have overcome the fear of roadside food in thailand.

beautiful sea n scenery. but check out the no of people. think i prefer krabi for its serenity.

and lastly, aunty's pancake. combed the patong for her. but she mysteriously appeared only on the 1st night we were there. haha

miss the hols already
1 week back to work. i already feel like going on hols again.
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OMGOMG one of my bestest friend has fallen too!!!!
SO HAPPY FOR YOU..and its like the first time i feel so happy for someone when i hear such news.
BUT ITS SO FUNNY sorry but just funny..HAHAHAHA
we better go more places before u bcum a MRS :p
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Saturday, October 29, 2011


Back from Phuket and Krabi. So much pancakes, tom yum goong and basil rice. But not complaining. It has been the most relaxing and blissful week...away from work and all the worries and stress in life, sleep song song, and eating a pig load.
First time with the siao ehs for a trip but i think we are still friends:p and good travel mates too.
We now know there are people stuck in the Eating GOH Club and Shopping POH Club. And some that part time as eating club-shopping club.*ahem the TEO* hahaha

Phuket was great too. The resort was comfortable that you dont even want to go anywhere.
Oh man, cant wait for my next holiday already. Am already feeling the blues.
As for now, time to condition myself to get back to work and study my korean.
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Sunday, October 09, 2011


I think i am getting more and more lazy. or maybe i use work as an excuse that i am too busy to do any other stuff. Hve not been exercising for the longest of time. Have stopped korean but prolly will resume next year. Have not been reading. Just sleeping and stoning.

Oh well.
Met up with the old RJ clique because the rabbit returns from NYC,
This So6B getting more and more atas. Last time go Ghim moh, now go to PS cafe at some Palais Renaissance. Better bring them back to Ding Tai Fung next time. haha kidding.
But that aside, food at PS cafe was good, just alil warm. I m not a fan of outdoor dining. LOLSome day back, brought the lil friend out.
And then......
How to torture dog.
See the pain on little gogo's face. tsktsk

Forced to smell smelly feet. Double sigh.

Deprive him of water and strangle him. Triple sigh

turn him upside down. X100 sigh

AND lastly,
X100000 sigh

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Friday, September 23, 2011

goh goh n teoteo
with chan chan. its been a while since i took photos. its time to do something to the hair. :x
no wait, actually the face too.
have not had the time to just sit and surf net and do nothing for a while. (although i think most prolly will be going to office later to finish the unfinished stuff.) did i mention i like saturday? i take back my words now. lol. oh well. its been one hell of a week. and i miss korean already. (crazy huh). and there are so many places i want to go, even in singapore. the one good thing is i still have quite alot of leave i think i will start taking leave on random weekdays to roam around on my own. >.<
ok time for a nap b4 draggin myself to work
the friend at home. such a naughty monster though.

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Monday, September 19, 2011

Thursday, September 15, 2011

stupid internet was down for 2 weeks..omg
i think everytime i write here. its really like i am feeling down. these days, its feeling unusually ugly, incompetent and dumb. sometimes i wonder how i stay so zen in front of others. and i have mixed feelings about alot of stuff...