Sunday, February 05, 2006

so the darlings went visiting
n i was stuck at home. trying to clear the pile of work that i have accumulated
and once again. i missed out on all e fun.
mum went to uncle's hse for visiting n a feast. there was sharkfin.fried rice.waffle.nasi lemak chicken wing.
n so. double bummer. the acksx couldnt come my hse. cos they will have no ang bows.since my parents were all out.n i cldnt go their hse. n i cldnt join the feast since it was a whole day affair. n i was left.feeling rather disgusted n sad at home. n it wasnt a really productive day bcos i spent a rather long time combing fer lost sheets of tutorials. n eventually i searched the dustbin n there it was..Ewwwww. n den i stuff myself with food while studying. n by dinner time. i almost feel like vomitting.Eww..just another disgusting day.

sighz..miss you guys...=(
i cant find my acksx ring too. bleahz.let me go comb the warzone-room again.

for entertaiment
try memoirs of geisha-mad tv

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