Friday, November 20, 2009

I wonder who reads my ranting
I still want to complain! i have no many things so little time!! Emails, personals mails, friends, bf, family, classes, self learning. Everyday i leave my hse at 7am come home abt 8pm..NO time!!!ARGHHH i owe many pple dates and meetups.. how la.
fri night was girls night with my fave sharon crys n xh! Happy(sharon's dog) is so the time spent with u all!
too bad i din have the courage to join u all in JB for lok lok.. :/

P.S : To the friend in US who is so nice to go thru all the trouble to help me get my COACH. Thanks. U know who u are! :)

Pics up next time *gulp* time to sleep. boo!

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