Sunday, December 05, 2010

New dresses

The poohies decide to change their clothes and go picnic some time back.
i am so depressed these days.......ok this is totally random........unsettling heart and mind....... sianz...... well december is suppose to be the best time of the year but somehow strangely, i feel that time is passing by way too quickly sometimes. maybe its the evil routine of going to work, go home, sleep kinda thing. but yea, just passed my two years anniversary at work. has it been 2 years already? 시간이 빨이 서둘러서 벌써 2년이 지났어!!!
i dont miss school, but i miss the freedom. i feel stuck in a path created and molded. i dont feel like i can love anyone. such a long rant. i wish i could take the plunge to do the things i like to do.
oh well.... anyway my greatest love! hazel and nutt!
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