Tuesday, April 26, 2011

i finally understood many things
people have been telling me how unhappy i looked these days. not just these days but for a while. which i never understood why. i guess life and the things in it have an effect on you that you are certainly not aware of. and so what i did to get out of it make sense. sometimes, u get suppressed unknowingly.
my appetite has been terribly bad to the extent i force myself to eat and feel sick. but if i dont force myself, i know i am going to disappear soon. i dont suppose its eating disorder because i haven been eating very normally all these while. another of an unknown suppression i suppose.
Lets hope for happier times ahead.
whatever it takes.
life's like this. you never know what you will regret. but hey, thats life aint it? you dont know what lies ahead till you are there.

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