Friday, July 14, 2006

late night of mapling.msn watching.
ah.precious weekends.
bro back to melb fer his honeymoon. haha.he was back but not really back. because i think he spent most of his time out with someone.haha.although it was still nice to have someone to play maple with.
today i realise i may b a paedophile.
i m in love with two little guys whom i think are very adorable n good looking
hahaha then again, i may also b a bi, since i also like this little girl whom i think is so cute

so in the future i will marry a guy 15 yrs younger than me n then maybe i will have a few kids n hopefully they are cute.since i m a paedophile.must have kids to play with me.
sounds morbid.slap yourself twice if u believe me.
although after watching this reality show yesterday abt what happens to women after they gave birth is giving me second thoughts. stuff like ugly stretch marks on e tummy to balloning frm 45- 90 kg.uh-oh.

today i have cravings for
bah kwa.haha

time is really flying by.mid july alr!!
cherish the remaining days of hols!!
i m counting down the days alr=( =) (mixed emotions)

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