Sunday, July 02, 2006

no work tmr=)
which explains y i am still online
half day on tue cos i have to go sch=)
ok its july already. one day zoom pass really fast
before i know it, aug will b here
excitment,apprehension...mixed emotions some way,i cant wait to get away frm life here,yet on e other hand, there is still e fear n inertia in me.
well at least work keeps me from thinking abt anything
so in a way, life is happier.haha
accompanied a friend to shop today.conquered orchard. i realised today. gasp!its not easy to buy guy's clothes too. esp since i have nvr bought any clothes fer guys b4.n my fashion sense is quite bad apparently. so hopefully when he wears e shirts no one give really bad comments.
n i'll b glad already since this is honestly the 1st time i shop fer guy's stuff

haven done anything fun/exciting these days=(
except playing with monsters. hahaa

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