Sunday, March 29, 2009

taptap's freedom.

After 3 long weekends, taptap's T/A manager was kind enough to grant her a Sunday off! No surprises wad we did for the weekend... we brought the poohies out! Feels like forever since we did sumthin goofy n happy like the video above but finally we can go back to fun-filled weekends! =)

Tuptup taptap went on shopping spree at far east plaza! After weeks of online shopping... i guess real shopping's a breath of fresh air. Heehee. Had craving for sushi so decided to pop by sakae sushi for our first and last time. Besides playing wif poohies on the conveyor belt... nothing else is worth a mention. Oki pics galore!

Minnie got her lucky 'break' n duped Paba into bringing her along.

taptap reading the menu.

tuptup pretending he knows how to use the interactive menu.

my sweets.

i eat first. No! i eat first!

March Madness.


i killed hazel for saying nonsense
bought alot of stuff. can last till recession ends

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