Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hazelnutt getaway.

Hello i am nutt. hazel is good in chinese and hokkien, i'm good in english in hokkien. So hazel ask me blog for her. It's hazel n nutt's birthday last tuesday n so this weekend, hazel n nutt decide to run away from pesky paba n mame n go out to play by ourselves. They never bring us out anymore.
First we went to Paba's house when he was out n we bake brownies together! Hazel likes to eat brownies. It was good! Den we take the public bus (we r below 1.2m so is free) to east coast. We heard the Old Town White Coffee was quite good so we went to try! Saw Mark Lee n his wife go there to tok business.
After dat, we tried to cycle the bicycle wif the 2 seats one. We see everyone cycle like v fun lidat. Nutt sit in front, hazel sit at the back. Den we cycle fast fast to the Jetty!

We sit at the jetty n look at the sea n feel the breeze very song... i mean refreshing (pardon my hokkien) So anyway Nutt suggested to let hazel sit in front n Nutt sit behind on the journey back. But Nutt stoopid stoopid dunno how to balance n make hazel fall on the floor. Nutt feel v bad. Hazel hit me on the head wif the hammer many many times. Actually i remembered how many times but after she hit den i forget alr. After dat she forgave Nutt.

Oki see the pictures below... but dun tell paba or mame. :)

Hazelnutt brownies

Nutt tried to get Hazel to take picture but she more interested in the toast.

Nutt tries to get fresh with Hazel


Romantic poohies!

Hand in hand at jetty.

It became a little cold so nutt n hazel snuggle in blanket.

Happy Birthday Hazelnutt!

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