Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Honey is my name

tired. not the best week. with many review with managment.rushing this and that.
monday- sent cherry mumee off to germany. haha may u find a wacky non dysfunctional family in germany! see ya 1.5 yrs later with a german dude! i feel the inertia to want to go overseas even though just a few yrs back i wld gladly jump at any chance to go overseas.

its 9pm now, i feel like gg to bed ''/

last week saw a long weekend. brought the poohies out to play n eat again!

the 11th month

TUPTUP MADE TAPTAP FALL OFF THE BICYCLE!!! Poor taptap has to walk ard in pain for many days! (nvm, i put chummy photo here. next wk i shall get my revenge. i feel the tuptup to the malaysian sun bear when we go to the zoo)

Photo whores strikes at taka. ke siao already.

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