Thursday, February 11, 2010

In the spirit of Chinese new year

long long time ago, on the last day of 2009 we took hazel n nutt out to sentosa:P
in spirit of chinese new year, i am on leave tomorrow and next wed. SO i am a happy girl today cos it means a long holiday ahead! and ITS CHINESE NEW YEAR!! oh man i have been eating way too much bah kwa and pineapple tarts. The contractors give us lotsa CNY goodies every year. *looks at the bulging tummy* sigh. but in spirit of chinese new year, i am going to eat n lose weigh after that!
i really like chinese new year cos of all the shopping. i like going to the supermarket or market to see what people are buying. haha

I think recently i have been kinda mia. Well i haven really been meeting up with people, i haven been reading blogs or facebook..dont really know whats have been going on around me. ironically, i am more aware of the well being of random cute guys at work more so than that of old friends. i feel like i have gone into a cocoon which consists essentially of my house, my work place and school.

to side track abit. u know i think its scary how work can change one. Especially guys. I understand perfectly that all of u are like planning to get married or whatsoever. I understand that guys tend to be a little more career minded and ambitious. but i cannot understand why being ambitious requires a little or lotsa dirty, selfish and unscrupulous behavior and actions. Maybe as we move towards working life, some become overly obsessed and zealous about getting to the top. Well u see, i used the word "overly". Which means its ok to have ambition. But to let it get over you to the extent you reveal your ugliest self, thats intolerable. And the infuriating thing is these people get away with it sometime. The people who gets to the top ultimately may not be the most capable one but the one who knows the rule of the game better or act better in front of people whose opinions mattered.

Dont lose yourself. I think by the pure works of nature, every thing in this world require some sort of balance. For every action lead to a reaction. If u have caught avatar, it's pretty much the same theory. Nature balances thing out by itself somehow. U win some but maybe you dont realise , you lose some at the same time.

Oh man. Thats a long and crappy digression.


yuyu said...

Hot hot hot!! happy CHINESE NEW YEAR!!!! wish you all the best in health, wealth, life, errr... everything la~ :) might be going back this August and work in SG!! Let's meet up that time~ :)

taptap said...

hee Happy Chinese New year to u!! may the new year be smooth sailing to u in terms of work, health , wealth, relationship and family n all!! hee yea if u are really coming to SG let's meetup then!:) gong xi fa cai!

Sharon said...

oh yess...
people change due to nature of their work!