Sunday, March 28, 2010

I could stay lost in this moment

No inspiration and great inertia to blog. To sum things up, i took a few misery photos to sum the weeks up. Will prolly put up more photos i like up the next time i feel like blogging. Recently, like going to airport. Cos it's relatively more quiet and less crowded in an otherwise over-populated Singapore. And if u notice, i have a scar on my forehead, not so much of embracing the indian culture. But believe it or not, i hit myself with a tennis racket while playing tennis. Yup, i hit myself.

And then, some saturday back was EM's dragonboat carnival. Was quite fun :) But i really really abhor poor sportsmanship. I believe in any sports competition u join, you should have the mentality to finish with pride and confidence and not keep thinking of whether we are going to be last. Where's the confidence???

And back to the routine after tuptup is back, we go to town to cam whore.
On a side note, i realise i am less emo these days as compared to those schooling days. Sigh, this is definitely a sign of ageing. You feel less and think less. It's obvious from my dwindling posts and words.
But in a way life has been more satisfying, being able to pursue my own interests during my free time and just taking time off to stop and smell the roses. Things i prolly never had the time to do when i was still in school. One thing(sadly) that i have not been doing much is socializing or hanging out and catching up with friends. Shall put that down in my to-do list.
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