Saturday, July 02, 2011

좋았던 기억만 가져가라

Meet my new love (ok we share a love hate
he follows me around most of the time when my brother is not at home ( apparently i am no 2 on his "people i like list") but ok la, most of the time it is so cute that i cant even be angry with not ( HE CHEWED MY KATE SPADE BAG and MY HAZEL CAN)

take the good with the bad, the happy with the sad.
one can't always expect things to be all good and dainty. cos life's about coping with disappointment. its about finding your way out of a quagmire, its about taking the shit people offer you, the hurt people deal you with. it's about feeling happy for the moment, while it lasts.
연기처럼 사라진 내 사랑, 그래서 가지고 있는 순간 아끼해야해...
( i dont really know who reads this blog but FYI in case u are amused and confused by google translate, this means something like... sometimes love disappears like that of a smoke dispersing, cherish it while you have it) My korean getting powerful right? haha. must practise writing essays for exams... gotta cut me some slack if i start typing in korean some day ok? i tink the next post i shall do it in korean to scold people i dislike. Lol..

writing is so therapeutic..woot* and i have not shopped for a week! great achievement.. just feel like nuaing this whole time to read on some chem engineering crap to polish an otherwise rusty brain. BLEAH!

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haha ( i am laughing now) but yea...he did..... O.M.G right...sigh