Thursday, July 28, 2011

i think i need better time management. (ok i haf given myself 5 min to blog).
i don't even know what i do these days. Time just seems to pass by so fast. even at work.
sighz. and i really hate the sun. or maybe its the stupid respirator giving me so much skin irritation.

on a lighter note, i am now a iphone user, but the sad thing is, i dont even have the time ( u see, poor time management again) to go and dl any of those brainless games or app. and the touch screen keypad actually kinda make me feel even more lazy to reply or text.

ok tmr is fri. i just need to get thru the sun, the friendly contractors and i am more than happy.


TheO.C. said...

plants vs zombies!

taptap said...

need to pay 2.99 kidding
but yes i will dl that soon!!