Thursday, November 06, 2008

Tuptup n taptap milestone.

12 midnight! And it's taptap n tuptup's first milestone! tuptup prepared a series of more recent random photos to remind taptap of happie times... and oso, there's a secret at der end of the blog! But dun cheat! slowly read n u'll get there...

taptap buy tweety mat to eat her dinner on... cute cute!

tuptup (aka tweety) personally make paw-made photo frame for taptap!

finally, after hunting for very long... der bears got their wedding rings!

tuptup n taptap paw-in-paw
taptap n tuptup's teddie hangies... crispy n yummy.

acherly tuptup n taptap dunno how to read time, but tink wear watch look nice!
tuptup love shopping... (for taptap)

taptap say tuptup try dis shirt look v nice... like Bangla.

sweet-looking taptap... before she bear-attacks der IKEA swedish meatballs. =)

tuptup n taptap buying furniture at IKEA... not dat u can tell from dis picture.

tuptup acting cute n taptap... just plain cute.

taptap always no like tuptup bear-kiss.

tuptup's better half.

can see taptap's pretty flower earrings? tuptup pluck for her one.

not-so-clear picture at Miss Clarity's

taptap n tuptup STILL at der airport... zzzzz.

taptap n tuptup go go-karting

tuptup n taptap now at der national library... can tell rite!

taptap n tuptup at Aston's... where it all began. =)

Now the secret! Acherly taptap n tuptup met very long time ago... when we were babies. See der picture below? Long, long time ago taptap already like to make tuptup cry haha! heehee. Many more milestones to go baby!


yuyu said...

OMG! so jealous! so sweet~ :)

taptap said...

HAHA u nvr see all e drama mama quarrels oni...=P

yuyu said...

haha~ but is sweet enuf, can see he loves you a lot... probably 3.142 times more than u love him? haha~