Sunday, September 13, 2009

The only side of him that looks good. Last night, we weere talking about how we first met last year. Kinda miss all the times when we first knew each other..We talk about exs, love problems of people ariound us, pretend to be totally cool in fromt of each other..dress our best etc etc..You know the sweetest part of a relationship is always when two pple just fall in love..the guy is chasing the girl and super nice to her.. i guess girls like the feeling of being chased everynow and then. so every now and then the feeling of guys chasing me is a novelty and fun BUT it always ends up with me feeling of sorry and feeling bad.
so anyway, to keep the novelty of the relationship going, i pick up a quarrel everynow and then. Very difficult one ok, must think of new thing to quarrel each time.
tuptup: " so blah blah blah XXX and meeting u was like a dream come true"
taptap : "yup. and the dream became a nightmare"

See..i told u i was in the muslim attire. haha
Polaroid shots

chubby and hubby love ice cream!
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