Thursday, April 29, 2010

괜찮나요 (It's ok)

This is Kaya. She is Hazel's sister. She helped me today. So i dedicate this post to her :)
Kaya again:)

I HATE U! HMPH! Speaking of which, come may 7 we are suppose to be together for two years. But we broke up so many times so by right cannot be counted as 2 yrs right>?

On a side note, i have listened to this song sooo many times..but i reallly really like the guy.
Doesnt korean drama just make girls have overly beautiful illusion about love and high expectations? Still, it is nice to indulge in them once a while. I feel like watching the show again. I feel like a teenager all over again. HAHAHAHA.

Sigh anyhow
Was a pretty tiring day today..whole day at meeting. And then all the talk about safety.
Apparently i lost weight. Which is not good. but i think its inevitable. Cos my company's canteen sells horrible food. Lunch everyday is $2 chinese mixed rice which consist of rice and mystery meat and vegetable. But too lazy to drive out for lunch anyway. And doesnt help i sometimes forget to finsh eating my dinner cos i get distracted by the internet and tv or the poohies.

Oh well TGIF. Iron Man 2 this weekend!
Have a good one all!
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