Saturday, April 17, 2010

Underpromise, Overdeliver

I relly think we look alike. Damn
Looking so tired on a friday night. Boo
Old hag with old uncle! haha
Here's what we do at the airport. We play with poohies and photo whores. why do i have the feeling someday someone is gg to capture us on stomp. That aside, hazel went berserk the past week. She tore photos and broke glasses. Nevertheless, the Saturday was a good one. Went for korean class, shopped at tampines. then orchard and 313 and burned a hole in the wallet at Forever 21, while tuptup did his damage at uniqolo. Really need to cut down on shopping. My weakness lies in clothes. But then again, we work so hard, it's ok to indulge right? haha.
then we went Botanical garden for a simple picnic with hazel and nutt, don't u just appreciate the moment lying under the clear blue sky (ok it was Grey skies actually) with nothing on your mind. Photos another time :)
then it was tennis at night before heading for supper at Blk 85. A short yet long day.
And can't wait for june.. Going to terrorize Poei in Melb again, am already craving for Villa Romana (if its still open) the casinos and the cool weather. Oh and this time, Gold Coast!
I love Saturday. Cos i will wake up to a lazy Sunday.
Good night all! have a good sunday too! :)
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