Saturday, May 29, 2010

Hellow nuttnutt, hellow hazel. pics from long ago.

my dark circles's getting like from bad to worse. sigh.
This weeekend was sian cos i couldnt really eat much. The stomach still feels weird. and the medicine the doctor gave just sux to the max. like some friendly looking orange medicine that taste like ugh and this powder which u dissolve to give a slurry which taste and look like mud water. sigh. must be the otah or the cake i ate on wednesday. gonna be a busy week ahead la...............
sigh...but the funny thing is i actually prefer going to work then staying at home doing nothing. yea. it's like...i just dun feel good nuaing and wasting time away..its like wasting ur life away....
HAIZ. time to sleep. wake up early to study tmr.
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