Friday, May 21, 2010

such a bitch

the weather's so hot, spent the whole day at site. i am so bitchy today.
please dont let me hear any songs of those corrine may or olivia ong type. i swear i hate them. sorry no offence to those who are fans. i will either 1) go crazy hearing them esp if u do the replay mode on me or 2) fall asleep. AND i hate emo chinese songs. well not all but most of them. And i dislike people who emo too much unless u are my friend of cos.
AND i really hate the statement " Thank you for contributing to Nation Building" on my income tax letter.
and now as i am trying to study and write my korean. i cant remember alot of stuff.
And i am so irritated with funny people adding me on fb or twitter. not that i tweet or fb much even though i have a data plan on my phone which i dumbly pay for each month.

such a bitchy day
on a random note 이민호 is so cute

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crystal said...

u are so bitchy. hahahahaha