Saturday, January 14, 2006

experienced sthg that din make me feel gd today
was at u2 today payingfer stuufs
in front of mi was 2 banglas...or rather foreign workers.
so app...they were paying fer some shirts
n there was some mistake cos they thot the shirts were $13 each n it turned out to b $19
what got me alittle angry was the attitude of the 2 cashiers. they were extremely rude n impatient when the two men asked abt the price differences. n u know how most foreign workers cant converse well in english.n so they were a bit loss n din know what to say. prob he din want the shirts animore. but the evil cashier just thrust the NETS machine to him n ask fer his pin number. n so the poor man had no choice but to pay fer the shirts.
after he paid. i could see. him n his other friend. gg back to where the shirts were placed. looking n checking the price.
after which i overheard some mockery frm the two cashiers
one of them said"game over" probabaly meaning there is nothing the 2 men could do now since they haf paid fer e shirts. n the 2 of them were laughing.almost as if they were sneering at them.
i dunno. i just felt sad. n aghasted. by the 2 salesgirl
i dun think they should b so mean. after all.come on. these foreign workers are not rich n they sweat n toil fer every cent of their money.
sure. they do not have a gd reputation. u know.all the molest cases at all the countdown stuufs
but mayb. everything goes full circle u know. u be mean to them. n in return. they b mean to u.

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