Monday, March 06, 2006

its funny how much i shop
yet i seriously cant find stuffs to wear. i m sick of my old dressing style n clothes
but am too lazy to revamp my wardrobe
n den there is no need to dress up in engineering anyway
and pple like me shd just wear hideous clothes \to make myself more hideous.

little things ,people n stuff that turn me off
1)well needless to say bloody- taxi drivers
2) bitting on an existing ulcer
3)well bloody braces.haha its like once i bang into a wall.i get ulcers. hmmm although why is it i keep banging into walls n cupboards n stuff is still an enigma
4)pple who tries too hard,who are just too un-real .some act cute.some act chio.some act cool
5)pple with bad breath. who yawn and open their mouth at u. try the mrt train with some old uncle in e morning. wa. can die. n can u imagine kissing someone with bad breath? if i have,tell me. i swear i will go to the dentist immediately.period.
6) knocking into stuufs.see 3.
7)gossips.malices. talking behing pple bad.though i m guilty of it. but. sumtimes. one should know e limits .u know some pple hee hee haha in front of u. den condemn u behind ur back. at least if i dun like a person. i dun put on a facade. i will show that i dun like them.
8) being interrupted when i m in e midst of studying. i swear i will throw my book at u. u see. i think i m getting violent. cannot cannot. must b more girly..hee hee hee.(ya right)

9)typing a long posts n losing it. i hope this doesnt happen today

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