Sunday, March 12, 2006

met the girls for a quick lunch today.sharon is happily in love. ta da da da wee. haha
had to abandon them while they were deeply engrossed with this turn turn machine
nevertheless was great seeing them all again
and making plans for e hols
but till then. sighz. never ending work.

anyway to add to my list of annoying pple
---gals who hog the dressing room. so the sign says. max 3 piece allowed. so they take in 3 la. ya. den after parading fer some 5-10 min. they decide.uh oh dun fit ah. so they send the boyfriend to take the other sizez. meanwhile they continue parading in front of the mirror. and so some cow years later the guy returns with the other size. n this thing goes on for a few more cycle as she parades in n out with that stupid guy there taking sizes fer her.just buy it la. n parade at home with him. =.=
i m sorry but i m highly irritable these days. sighz

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