Saturday, March 04, 2006

wee!!! blogger Is so Great!! they restored my deleted blog
just a few weeks ago i deleted my blog on impulse. lost all my old posts n entries and was feeling a little sad
so evryone.choose blogger. they r good. haha

ok now that i haf my old i m thinking
shd i blog here or at my new blog

maybe i'll talk abt less private stuff here n penn my weird thoughts at my secret blog. haaaa oh no
where shd i blog
aniway i dun haf time to blog aniway
so i guess. i will blog here sumtimes
n when i feel like scolding pple or when i start being depress.i'll do it at the other one.

i m just happy i got all my posts back=)
u know in case when i go to tibet to meditate nxt time i can check back at my life now

well i m still alive
going thur the same crap of chem eng

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