Thursday, May 04, 2006

and 4 days later
i am still that stone tv.
are still unappealing to me.
*bang head*
not to mention obviously the lazy one has been ponning class outing.well it was to zouk. zouk n kailing are like a turtle and a dog. ??? whats e connection?? there's no connection. u bring her there, she will probably be hiding in one corner. gawking at hot n skimply dressed babes.haahaa.or she would have fainted from the smoke n loud music n the people dancing. not even the hottest hunk will attract me to go.

and that aside.

it will take alot of effort for the lazy one here to organise a 6b class outing. because smsing evryone will simply be too hectic .=P .but the lazy one will do something.once the ice melts and bears come out of hibernation

que sera sera


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