Monday, May 08, 2006

ok so this wk i will be coming out of hibernation n meeting up with friends
i dont want to think so much n make myself zombified
and then nxt week i'll get back to my wall at that favourite corner of the house
although i am actually not bored yet, despite hivbernating at home.surfing e net aimlessly,playing that maplegame,watching dumb shows. in fact i quite like being a cave woman.
MI3 today with little chi-hwa. very predictable plot.good guy is actually the bad guy. tom cruise will be hero no matter what. anyway little chi hwa is getting cuter. hahahaha.pls dun puke. hahhaa
anyway. i have to say going out with the lazy one here can be really boring
well.......u can't expect much from someone whose best friend is the wall at that corner of her house

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