Sunday, May 28, 2006

kl 's discovery of the day: to sleep well,read wheres wally b4 u slp
xh chalet. struggled to keep myself awake till 4.
happy birthday. dun worry girl the chalet was great
n i had my own fun.
1)eating n eating.
2)pulling aloy shirt to torture him during night walk.. when all my beloved friends abandon me for their bf.*shake head*. tsktsk
3)bbq-ing satays. putting lotsa margarine onto all e bbq food. *evil laugh*
4)watching carrie. at 2am.freaking myself out
5)lying in e bed.listening to the snorings. which ranges from the sound of the engine of the motorcycle. to the opening of tap deep rhythmic breathing sounds.

n now. back to more sleeping
~adieu to u~

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