Thursday, May 25, 2006

bleah i finshed watching my da chang jin today
i don't sound happy because this means for the rest of the hols i'll be stoning in e morning. but i love the korean guy.haa
ok so today was results day
it was alright.... just like e previous few sem.
i am still doing nothing for the hols
i would stay at home the whole day if my mum would stop nagging at the stuffs i have to do for my visa n stuffs
i m still apprehensive.. sigh
but it seems most probably i may really be flying to iowa for my exchange prog.
n then i can start farming there n then when winter comes i can truly hibernate

that aside
this wk in short
met the bird on wed.bird is going on a honeymoon to europe with his bird sao!how fortunate!

met sharon n xh on thur to buy xh present.levis jeans n risis bracelet. n i am broke.
n xh's chalet tmr
maybe i can find some corner at the chalet to hide n stone too. but i'll make sure i appear at dinner time. haha
oh n if i really going to iowa. means i will not be spending my 21st birthday in singapore. means u all better send me my present there! ha no present means i m gonna detest u for the nxt 1 yr. haha ya. i rem presents.
bleah. who knows. i might change my mind. if i feel like it.

ok off to pack my bag. haha FOR the CHALET. n to zzzz. hopefully i get to slp tmr at the chalet.

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