Tuesday, June 13, 2006

life's is never easy
somehow someday u will find yourself making important decisions
or facing things n problems that u have never experienced before

out with my favourite people today
i actually miss the carefree training days n years where we basically engage in more trivial n bimbotic conversations. these days.it seemed that we all have our own problem.job.work.studies.life.relationship.
we all have to grow up i guess

yesterday i was talking to e old buddy bird
n i promised him e nxt time if i get married he will be my best man. but then again i cant have a best man so i figure i will let him be e one who holds e part of e gown that drape on e floor. alternatively he can be my bridesmaid. i wouldnt mind really.
but e probablity of that happening is low bcos i think it will take me cows years to find e right one.
n then he promised i can be the one holding his suit(ya must make long long like gown like that) as he walks down e aisle with his bird sao. n i will ,of course make sure i pull it hard so that he falls. n then all e 6B people will scold him'ben dan'!

ha crap aside
n then i went home n got into a rather bad verbal exchange with my dad over flights tics n stuff. n then i got very disgusted n so here i am typing rubbish
i feel calmer now actually. after talking lots of rubbish to people online.

n then crys is helping me find a job. i dun really mind not working actually. because if i do. i wouldnt have time to go out. n then its e hols. how often in life do u get to relax like that?
but then again. since i m not rich. i wldnt mind some extra $. and it beats wasting time reading on how to be a lightning mage . haha

i have decided not to give myself more burden of the mind by not thinking of anything.
sleeping time=)

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