Friday, June 09, 2006

mayb i worry too much
mayb i think too much

these days i have been thinking too much

some stuff that used to matter alot. has lost its priority in my life

i am not being childish or practising self-denial when i say these

i have never been so clear n so awake than the past few days

like finally seeing where things are heading to

alot of things n decisions in life. u gotta figure out urself. i remember saying something abt hoping fer a special confidante in my life. true, i have many loved ones n close friends whom i am appreciative of. n i really mean it. but when it comes to alot of things.. i still pretty much feel that i am alone to face them myself
maybe thats grows up. or learn to be independent

and the thing abt apologising and saying sorry
i find the phrase.'u can forgive but u can't forget' so true now
whats really the pt of saying sorry. esp one without sincerity
so i kill ur dog. and den i go 'oops sorry'
did u think it help? i think e damage has already been done

another post which leave u thinking.'wat the hell is she talking abt?don't make sense'. watever.
"If I could be like that
I would give anything
Just to live one day
In those shoes
If I could be like that
What would I do?"
i am contented to be me.
love me or hate me
it doesnt matter

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