Saturday, January 24, 2009

Monochrome, 12, CNY's eve

Whenever i am upset or stress, i shop and buy. So, there is a negative correlation between happiness level and amount of clothes bought.

A little tired from work these days. The plant visit left me with a pimple. Heh, the environment is pretty harsh, with all the terrible chemicals. I am deskbound most of the time. But visit to the plant is a must for projects.

Otherwise, i am in a CNY mood. Glad about the temporary respite from work.

Fri, we visited China town, squeezing with the crowd but felt the CNY atmosphere. There were many mini stalls set up that sold food i never tried b4. We bought mochi n jelly from taiwan.

Char Kway teow for dinner.. mmmm..nice...

MAgic ice cream.

Cow year is my year.

Chanced upon some media corp artistes doin rehersal do some CNY event i presume.

Fridays i wear jeans.
and look very tired.

Tuptup with his new sweater from Zara.

Sat, we shop again at Orchard because i was upset. Bought a dress AGAIN.

Looking a little upset here

A little happier after given her fave ya kun coffee and kaya toast

Happy and posing after buying her dress. Haha, I paid for it. In case u guys are wondering, no, i dont make my bf pays for my stuff just bcos i am upset. But he does buy me stuff at times or subsidise my buys :)

Ok. Time to spring clean my room and wardrobe. My 12 poohies will be helping me. After that, i shall sleep and then wake up to reunion's dinneer. My fave steamboat and sharkfin!
Happy CNY everyone!

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